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High Coast Health Academy is a school founded by Åsa Östman in 2015, with the intention of educating future skilled therapists in Chinese medicine. The education is conducted in beautiful Snippersjön, where Åsa also has her clinic (Åsa's Health Clinic).

MORE ABOUT åsa östman

After 26 years as a therapist, time seemed quite right to start an alternative medical school.
In 1993 I got my degree as an alternative medical therapist. I started my career by offering a basic chinese massage. As my work flourished I continued my education at some well-renowned schools.

Security is one of my most important cornerstones. Assurance based on my knowledge in western as well as eastern medicine.

My belief is that these different medical approaches completes each other in a splendid way. Together with the intent to help a person in the most efficient and painless way as possible.

According to me, the eastern medicine is absolutely outstanding in terms of prevention and rehabilitation. When it comes to emergency care and difficult conditions of illness, western care is vital. My clients should be able to feel safe by the fact that I always send them to the hospital if there is a need for treatment in a western way.

During my 25 years of being an active practitioner of Chinese medicine, I have built a stable network of contacts with psychiatry and school medicine practitioners. All for the benefit of my clients.

Finally after 25 years work as a therapist, I felt the time was right to start a school of alternative medicine. My main goal is to enable my students to be the best therapists that they can be. The education includes elements of self-discovery.

By knowing yourself you get a better understanding of others and a solid ground to stand upon as a therapist.

My certified educations:
88-93 Schools of medical-care, Örnsköldsvik and Karolinska Institutet Stockholm
93 Alternative Medical Physiotherapis Alternative Medical Institute
95 Alternative medical basics
97 Usui Shiki Ryho Reiki 1
99 Usui Shiki Ryho Reiki 2
00 Usui Shiki Ryho Reiki Master
01 Classic Feng-Shui Professional Exam
05 Silva Ultra Mind ESP system
07 Doctor's degree TCM Acupuncture
07 Aura-Soma Foundation exam
13 Aura-Soma Intermediate exam
13 Aura-Soma Advanced exam

A letter from my mentor

In the autumn of 1992, Åsa came to me because she wanted to broaden her medical
knowledge. She already had a great medical interest since her studies at Karolinska
Institute but now she wanted to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine.
During her years at my clinic, Åsa learned the theory of true acupuncture as well as the practical use, which was done by following me in my work during the treatments of my clients.As I worked both as a practical tutor and as course leader for Åsa, she had the possibility for implementing her new skills bit by bit on the clients at my clinic. It is my opinion that the best way to be successful in your field is to implement “learning by doing”. As it turns out, Åsa was no exception.In the first part of the course, Åsa implemented her knowledge in TCM by practicing massage, connective tissue massage, zone therapy and kinesiology as a complement to my treatments by the true acupuncture and chiropractic, on my clients. And all of this was done using a holistic approach.In a later stage of the course, Åsa started to practice the true acupuncture and diagnostics under my supervision. At the end of her education, she did all the treatments by herself.The bible says “You shall judge the tree by its fruits” and since Åsa is a wonderful and highly spiritual developed person I like to use the expression “and the fruits of her work” were of such high quality that her clients and colleagues asked if she could move back to work full time at my clinic, many years after she moved to her hometown.After several years of hard work, Åsa decided to try to complete a PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I always give my approval based on the student’s compatibility and in Åsa’s case it was very easy to make that decision. I never had any doubts about her ability to succeed with her PhD. Åsa also had the opportunity to access a highly advanced material, that only a few have ever had access to.In the spring of 2007, Åsa was ready to complete her PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine after a total of 15 years of theory and practice. No other school in the world has as high demands as I have on my students, to make them achieve excellence in their field.Perhaps I pushed Åsa a little bit harder than my other students, this was because I wanted her to carry the legacy of all my collected knowledge since the seventies.As a result of Åsa’s successful company “Åsa’s Health clinic” and her new school “High Coast Health Clinic AB” the true acupuncture is growing and spreading, as it was meant to in its origin.It has been a true pleasure for me and my colleagues, together with Åsa, to provide a better health and quality of life for thousands of people!I wrote this letter to express my gratitude for Åsa’s administration of the true acupuncture and as a history of knowledge for future clients and students.
All light to you Åsa/Lars-Olof Berglöf, Doctor of Acupuncture S.A.C.T.M
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All courses Åsa Östman teaches you keeps a very high quality. The admission requires no prior knowledge but suitability is of great importance.


A treatment takes about one hour and during that session, I make a detailed medical history and explain the different techniques I will use in order to enable the health to return to the customer's body. And how often we need to meet to solve the problem from which the customer suffers from.
A unique part of the Chinese Medicine is that we work with causality treatment and do not focus too narrowly on a problem.

In Chinese medicine, we find a red thread through our various diagnostic methods. This allows the customer to gain insight into how we gradually will overcome the causes that sometimes give rise to a symptom and sometimes are manifesting many symptoms.

Another unique part of the Chinese Medicine is that we are taking into account the customers personal qualities and that no one can get the same treatment despite of their symptoms being very similar. We are all completely genetically unique and we have all had different conditions and opportunities in our lives. That is the reason why practitioners in Chinese Medicine can give different advice to similar problems.

There is a big hype in media about how to take care of ourselves. It's important that we use some common sense to avoid the risk of getting lost in the “health advice jungle”.

In Chinese Medicine, we first look at what the customer can eliminate or reduce in their life before adding any supplement. From our point of view, contact with nature is vital for having the best conditions for maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind. All of this we talk about during a treatment!
Chinese massage
This is a deeply relaxing, energizing and purifying treatment.
With the help of Acupuncture and Herbs, we are treating the cause of the customers problem.
During the aura-soma treatment the customers get the chance to choose their own unique Aura-Soma oils and also receives a personal consultation.
A unique treatment method that Åsa herself has created. By this special technique which includes stimulation of the reflex zones under the feet, it`s possible to access the underlying emotional issues and traumas. We are also using healing, massage and conversation to dissolve the customer's health problems.
The customer is given the opportunity to choose the stones and crystals that will be used during the healing treatment of the chakras and the whole body.


Frida Gröndahl
My daughter Frida provides treatments in Chinese medicine under my guidance.  For bookings or enquiries, please contact her at f_gron97@hotmail.com
Astrology course


The following products are available for purchase:
Åsa Östman's own book "From my heart".
Aura-Soma oils, pomanders, quintessens etc.
Acupuncture needles, moxa and liniment.
Crystals and crystal jewellery.



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